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Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington: My Personal Heartbreak

By now many, if not all fan’s know that Chester Bennington, lead singer of one of the most iconic alternative rock bands took his own life. It’s been a week since the news broke and It hasn’t been easy revisiting the horror and shock of what’s happened. For many teenagers, Linkin Park was the voice that helped us out of the darkest places. Above all Chester’s voice was the beacon of light that guided us through.

The first time Linkin Park entered my life was through their first single “Numb”. Watching their debut music video on MTV was an experience that changed the way I listened and felt the music. This was a new genre for me as I figured out where I belonged in my adolescent world. I owned every album leading up to ‘The Hunting Party’. My favorites being Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and ReanimationI stayed committed even though their sound started to change. Afterward, I stopped listening as much and revisited their hits periodically. When news of Chester Bennington’s suicide broke, I felt numb. Memories of that first song and the lyrics came rushing back to me all at once and the feeling was almost overwhelming.

I fought to understand what had happened and mourned that he was gone and I would never get the chance to see him perform live. I missed the opportunity when they came to Brooklyn and their show was canceled. I was so hurt by the realization that he was in fact truly gone, that I decided to pay my own personal tribute and face my personal heartbreak. After gathering my equally heartbroken friends together, we arranged a karaoke session, sang all of our favorite Linkin Park songs, and did our best Chester Bennington impersonations. I can’t say now that I’ve gotten over it, however, Chester will remain an important part of my life experience. Helping to mold me into the person I am now.

Chester’s legacy will forever live on in all the lives of the people he’s touched. His family, friends, fans and all who were touched by Linkin Park’s music. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.