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PSY New Album and M/V Release

Mega K-Pop idol PSY released his new Album on Wednesday, May 10 followed by two new M/Vs “Luv It” and “New Face”. Sticking to his signature quricky and outrageous shinanigans. In “New Face” Naeun of Apink, plays Pys’s love interest as he tries, by playing different roles, to win her love. The album and M/Vs are filled with collabs of well-known stars including, Lee Byung Hun (Terminator), Singer Pikotaro of “PPAP” (Pen-Pinapple-Apple-Pen), BigBang’s Taeyang and G-dragon, and IU(아이유). Typical of Psy’s albums is a signature dance-pop feel with encorparated EDM. He’s also worked with well known Korean producers JY Park and Zico. 

Check out “Luv It” below ft Lee Byung Hun and Pikotaro, all of which show off their most effortless dance moves.


New York City: Welcome Back Grammys

New York welcomes the Grammys for the first time since 2003 hosting the Grammys at none other than Madison Square Garden on Jan 28, 2018. Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the award show. It’s no surprise considering New York is a major music city that artists from all walks of life come to live their dreams and make it big. Spike Lee, Q-Tip, and Grandmaster Flash in conjunction with the ceremony have released a video to make the announcement.

Mayor Bill Deblasio of New York has been outspoken about hosting the event stating ” It is incredibly exciting that Music’s biggest night return to the world’s greatest city”

“Playing host to the music industry’s marquee awards show is a unique creative, artistic and economic boon to the rich cultural fabric of our city, we welcome the Grammy Awards back to New York City with open arms and we look forward to continuing to partner with music a industry that supports access and empowerment in the arts.”

KYLE – iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty)

When it works it works. If the video leaves you happy but confused, it’s ok you’re not alone. The duo, KYLE, and Lil Yachty are seen as toddlers (CGI) playing in a sandbox while innocently or not so innocently playing at make believe while bikini-clad women prance and lounge around the beach.  In his interview with FADER, KYLE explains his ideas behind the music video stating, “This song is fun. The video needs to be twice as fun.” Check it out.